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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HerpeSelect Immunoblot a confirmatory test for HerpeSelect ELISA?
As with other serological tests, false results may occur. Repeat testing or testing with a different device may be indicated in some circumstances, for example, patients with a low likelihood of HSV infection. All results must be correlated with clinical history, epidemiological data, and other data available to the attending physician in evaluating the patient.

What type of equipment is needed for HerpeSelect testing?
For the ELISA tests, a wash bottle or an automatic plate washer, 1 L graduated cylinder, glass tubes, 10 uL, 100 uL, 1 uL and 5 uL pipettes, a timer, a vortex mixer, and a sink are needed. A micro-plate reader (450nm) is needed to read the ELISA test result. HerpeSelect is for in vitro diagnostic use on automated instrumentation. Performance characteristics should be established by the user for their equipment.

For the Immunoblot test, blunt tipped forceps, vortex mixer, wash bottle, 20 uL, 2000 uL and 5 mL pipettes, graduate cylinders or volumetric flasks, timer, and sink are needed, as well as a platform rocker.

How long does it take to perform HerpeSelect testing?
ELISA can be performed in less than two hours, and Immunoblot tests take less than three hours.

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